Novafonic Quartet

Novafonic Quartet is a formation made up of four exceptional musicians, soloists and first parts in important orchestras: Fabio Furia (bandoneon), Gianmaria Melis (violin), Marco Schirru (piano), Giovanni Chiaramonte (double bass). Four instruments, four voices and a common vision that looks at the contemporaneity of music, seeking the comparison and interaction between genres and styles. An artistic project that proposes a new and polyphonic musical language, firmly based on the rigor of classical compositional forms, but at the same time projected towards the future through new musical ideas.

Their repertoire, as innovative as it is compelling, therefore represents a musical journey that combines discipline and technical virtuosity, with a taste for experimentation. An artistic union of strong jazz inspiration strongly linked to the tango nuevo.

The result is a dialogue between instruments in a modern and contemporary interpretation, which combines original compositions with unedited arrangements of some of the major musical masterpieces on the international scene, reinterpreted with great sensitivity and freedom of invention.

Novafonic Quartet has performed and performs in important concert halls and theaters in Italy and around the world.

Fabio Furia, bandoneon
Gianmaria Melis, violin
Marco Schirru, piano
Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass

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