Bandoneon soloist

Two artistic projects based on the study and research of new sounds and styles, to discover the infinite possibilities of the bandoneon, in which its fascinating and passionate timbre is intertwined in one with the plot of a sublime sound dialogue with the orchestra in its classical training.

The proposals Tango Symphony and Cuerdas y Fueye present a repertoire in which the bandoneon, poetically defined as the breath of tango, becomes symphonic, playing the role of the soloist with orchestra.

The first is entirely dedicated to the compositional genius of Astor Piazzolla and re-proposes two of his most sumptuous compositions: the concert for bandoneon and orchestra, precisely called “Aconcagua”, and “Tristezas de un doble A”, a monumental piece in which virtuosity and improvisation are the key words. The second, which takes its name from the homonymous composition by Alejandro Schwarz, represents the result of the highest evolution of the tango genre, in which Piazzolla’s musical heritage becomes the starting point of a process of profound contamination, reworking and metamorphosis.