Bandoneon – Violin Duo

A path of research and experimentation that explores the infinite timbre, melodic, technical and expressive possibilities of this new formation made up of two great virtuosos of the instrument: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Gianmaria Melis, violin.

The proposed repertoire sinks its roots in the tango which is however completely revolutionized and transformed, crossing its formal, compositional and expressive borders but retaining its distinctive features, made of melody and passion. The traditional pieces are rethought and recomposed through avant-garde arrangements of great emotional impact, to highlight the beauty and unexplored possibilities of the themes in addition to the technical and interpretative skills of the artists.

It is easy to see bold harmonies of a contemporary imprint combined with a typically classic counterpoint rigorousness until reaching spaces of improvised freedom. Some of the most important composers and arrangers of this musical genre sign this refined and unpublished program, specially composed for this ensemble: Daniel Binelli, Leonardo Terruggi and Juan Josè Mosalini.

Among the proposed songs a delicate and monumental fantasy on the most famous and appreciated masterpieces of Astor Piazzolla, composed for this formation, to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great Argentine master who occurs in 2021.