Fabio Furia | Home rehearsal

Fabio Furia | Home rehearsal

The first series of video tutorials on the basic techniques of the bandoneόn made by M ° Fabio Furia is online.

The urge to find new specific learning processes came from the awareness that nowadays the majority of professional bandoneonists are mostly from accordion school. Currently it is clear how applying accordion know-how and techniques don’t play well the tradition and morphology of the Bandoneόn. From this came a common urgency to analyze the most specific aspects and unveil the technical secrets of the Bandoneόn.

Thanks to the initiatives of the Italian Academy of Bandoneόn and the didactic experience of Maestro Fabio Furia, the idea was born to create a series of video lessons dedicated to those interested in discovering or deepening the study of this marvellous instrument.

In this first video tutorial will be explained the emission of the sound on the bandoneόn and will be given some notions on the correct posture and on the preparation of the bellows inversions.

The project, in collaboration with the magazine “Strumenti & Musica”, has a monthly schedule and offers a varied and structured educational path that allows the achievement of different levels of preparation and is able to provide the student with the necessary tools to express themselves according to their tastes and inclinations and in any musical field and at any level, whether it’s classic, jazz, tango or other.

For more information visit www.accademiaitalianadelbandoneon.it