Furia-Melis Duo will perform on Thursday December 28th at 8.30 pm in Sainte Léocadie (France) at the Salle de la Bergerie on the occasion of the Les Clés du Classique Festival. In the program Contemporary Tango, an innovative and exciting spectacle with an eclectic and multifaceted character, in which the traditional tango, Astor Piazzola’s jazz and avant-garde influences blend with the original compositions of Fabio Furia.

Sounds, images and words make poetry in a musical itinerary of refined compositional technique and passionate improvisation. Not only music, but ‘Art’, in the broader and more modern sense of the term, whose expression embodies an intimately evocative dimension, manifests itself through a complex path of contamination of styles.

On stage:

Fabio Furia, bandoneon

Marcello Melis, piano