Duo Furia-Agus

Duo Furia-Agus

Thursday May 14, h 9 pm,  the Duo Furia-Agus will play at Teatro delle Saline in Cagliari on the occasion of “1 €uro Festival” organized by Akroama – Permanent Theater of Contemporary Art.

The ensemble will perform Contemporary Tango, a deeply jazz and contamination repertoire that fits into an intimately evocative and emotional dimension.

Not just music, therefore, but Art, in its broadest and most modern sense. In fact, Contemporary Tango proposes an eclectic and multi-faceted itinerary in which the poetic power of music blends with the technical virtuosity of the artists. A production result of a real path of research and experimentation, based on the comparison and interaction between genres and styles.

Sounds, images and words become poetry in a musical itinerary in which the refined compositional technique is combined with the profound melodic sensibility and the passionate improvisation, in the executive virtuosity of an all-Italian formation.

An innovative show, in which the dimensions of time and space fold up to meet, guiding the listener in an exciting and seductive journey from the traditional Tango, to the jazz and avant-garde influences of Astor Piazzolla and to Fabio Furia’s original compositions.

On stage:
Fabio Furia, bandoneón
Walter Agus, piano