Anna Tifu Tango Quartet

Friday 29th November, h 8.45 pm, the Anna Tifu Tango Quartet will perform at Teatro Apollo in Lecce, during the 50th concert season of the Camerata Musicale Salentina.

The ensemble will play Next Tango, a deeply jazz and contamination repertoire that fits into an intimately evocative and emotional dimension. Past, present and future condensed into a unique and unusual journey through the history of Tango. Fusion and contamination, tradition and innovation, but also balance, technique, imagination and improvisation.

The result is an interesting synthesis between the sound world of Jazz and Tango Nuevo. A mélange of strength and passion, energy and pathos, in which classic suggestions are recognized, in the rigor of the composition inspired by the balance of form and the counterpoint of the great masters of the past, but always focusing on contemporary avant-gardes.

An innovative show, in which the dimensions of time and space fold up to meet, guiding the listener in an exciting and seductive journey from the traditional Tango, to the jazz and avant-garde influences of Astor Piazzolla and to Fabio Furia’s original compositions.

On stage:

Anna Tifu, violin
Fabio Furia, bandoneón
Walter Agus, piano
Giovanni Chiaramonte, doublebass