On Tuesday 4th October, starting at 5.00 pm, on Rai 5, the concerts of the Furia-Melis Duo and the Novafonic Quartet will be broadcast respectively.

On the program:

“El amanecer”, whose repertoire has its roots in the tango which is however completely revolutionized and transformed, crossing its formal, compositional and expressive boundaries while retaining its distinctive features, made up of melody and passion. The traditional songs are rethought and reassembled through avant-garde arrangements of great emotional impact, highlighting the beauty and unexplored possibilities of the themes as well as the technical and interpretative skills of the artists.

“Contemporary tango”, an innovative show, in which the dimensions of time and space bend until they meet, guiding the listener on an exciting and seductive path from traditional Tango, to the jazz and avant-garde influences of Astor Piazzolla and the original compositions of Fabio Furia. An artistic experience in which the tango reaches its maximum evolution, transformed and revolutionized. Not just music, therefore, but art in its broadest and most modern meaning

On stage:

Fabio Furia, bandoneón

Gianmaria Melis, violin

Marco Schirru, piano

Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass