On Saturday November 19th, at 9.00 pm, Fabio Furia will perform at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno with the Teatro Goldoni Orchestra in “Carpe Diem” Concerto for bandoneón and symphony orchestra by Alexey Shor as part of the Symphonic Season 2022-2023 by Fondazione Teatro Goldoni. In the second part of the program will be performed the Symphony No. 6, “Pathétique Symphony” by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Alexey Shor, “Carpe Diem” – Concerto for bandoneón AllegroModeratoVivace
The Symphony No. 6, “Pathétique Symphony” by Tchaikovsky was performed, conducted by the same author nine days before his death, like an artistic testament. It is a symphonic masterpiece, the author’s compositional maturity fully emerges, in a continuous crescendo of pathos, where the emotions that permeate the symphony are transferred intact to the viewer. Little known fact: the first Italian performance of the symphony was conducted by Pietro Mascagni in 1898 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

On stage:
Fabio Furia, bandoneón solo
Teatro Goldoni Orchestra

Mario Menicagli, orchestral director