In France the Novafonic Quartet will perform on:

Saturday July 16th, at 7 PM, at the A Portée de Rue 2022 Festival in Castres,
Monday July 18th, at 8 PM, at the IX Festival Musique et Patrimoine en Vienne et Gartempe in Saint-Savin,
Wednesday July 20th, at 8.30 PM, at the Les Nuits Pianistiques Festival in Pertuis.

A show dedicated to the sounds of the Tango Nuevo, on the border between fusion and contamination, tradition and innovation, in which the poetic force of music blends with the talent and virtuosity of the artists. Jazz harmonies and the most refined compositional techniques blend with the fascinating Argentine popular music, giving life to a perfect combination of past, present and future. An artistic experience in which the tango reaches its maximum evolution, transformed and revolutionized. The passionate themes and the overwhelming rhythms of Astor Piazzolla’s most famous masterpieces are re-proposed and interpreted with the deep melodic sensitivity and the executive ability of the Novafonic Quartet, an all-Italian formation composed of four champions of the international music scene: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Gianmaria Melis, violin; Marco Schirru, piano and Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass.
A repertoire of great emotional impact that will lead the public on a fascinating and engaging musical itinerary, a tribute to the genius who revolutionized Tango and redesigned its contours indelibly tracing its path of success.

On the program: Adios nonino, La muerte del Ángel, Tristezas de un doble A, Lo que vendrà to name a few.

On stage:

Fabio Furia, bandoneón

Gianmaria Melis, violin

Marco Schirru, piano

Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass