Sunday, December 17th at Teatro Electra of Iglesias closes the curtain on the XIX International Festival of Chamber Music. Scheduled an evening that will feature some of the most representative artists of the Sardinian scene in the world with the show “Made in Sardinia: Canne al vento”, the absolute preview of the new production by Anton Stadler. On the stage will be Gavino Murgia, Fabio Furìa, Walter Agus, with original music by Matteo Martis. For a tribute dedicated to Grazia Deledda, on the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Literature, there will also be the actor Simeone Latini. A sequence of images will be the background to the suggestive theatrical interpretation of some pieces taken from the famous novel “Canne al vento”.
A transversal show, therefore, result of the encounter between musical languages ​​and different artistic expressions: it is Sardinia told through the notes of jazz and the fascinating rhythms of tango, to the sound almost like Hollywood movies.

On stage:

Fabio Furìa, bandoneon

Gavino Murgia, sax 

Walter Agus, piano

Simeone Latini, actor